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about us

More than 20 years ago, we all got entranced by the charm of wood, its simplicity, beauty and harmony. As a group of enthusiasts joined with our passion, we undertook steps to start a business, fulfilling dreams of owning a wooden house - the house in which the symbiosis of captivating design lightness, unsurpassed accuracy of connections and resistance to all weather conditions, enables you to create the most sophisticated architectural solutions.

 Originally, our first shy attempts have resulted in establishing the family company "Mazurskie Domy", existing in the market for over 20 years, which could boast about many original designs and solutions, both in terms of construction, methods of thermal insulation and novelty of design.

We specialize particularly in buildings objects made of " full log 'in several systems. Among our achievements you can find holiday houses, all kinds of utility objects, but above all houses for one or several generations.


Longstanding activity on the European market enriched us with a whole bunch of innovations that we use to the satisfaction of the broad masses of our customers. Building on the expertise and many years of experience, the whole team strives to fully meet customer's dreams. Mazurskie Domy is a family business, which guarantees our full commitment to the activities carried out together. Our continuous, comprehensive development turns into more and more splendid buildings created with a view of a man who will live therein. Natural building materials, meticulous execution, personalized planning and customisation to the needs, wishes and tastes of our customers are the foundation of trust between the Investor and us.


Therefore we encourage you to live in harmony with nature - accordingly to our motto. 






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