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description of our technology


Wood has accompanied the mankind virtually since always and it is the most widely used building material in the history of our existence. The advantages of wood as a construction material reassured us thanks to the natural raw material and the technological development, using the most important advantages of wood, we can build modern, beautiful, durable and above all healthy houses. The following text describes wood as a building material and our unique, fully ecological technology of building log houses. 

In nowadays construction, wood is mainly used as a construction material and finishing material. Indisputable advantages affect the popularity of wood as a building material: the material is very light and extremely durable, it is an excellent thermal and electrical insulator, and additionally, in the times when we pay more attention to respecting nature, wood is 100% renewable and environmentally friendly element. We decided to make use of all advantages of this stuff in our homes, on one of them, however, we focused in particular:

Hygroscopy of wood is the tendency of the material to absorb moisture. Wood absorbs moisture and releases it to the rooms until a state of balance between own humidity and ambient humidity is reached. When developing the system of building wooden houses, we devoted much attention to this advantage, decided to use it as much as possible and do everything to make our material not to lose this much valuable property.

Why was it so important for us? 
Nowadays, we are increasingly exposed to so-called diseases of affluence such as: allergies, asthma, rheumatism, etc. Therefore we decided to make our homes more than a nice accommodation facilities - we wanted to give them a healthy dimension, assure the families living in Mazurskie Domy a friendly climate, appropriate conditions for the development of children and their four-legged friends. Wood, as a natural material and natural " filter and air humidifier " has become for us the key how to enjoy the environmental, energy-efficient and most of all healthy home for the whole family. That's how the system of the construction of double wall wooden houses with cellulose filling impregnated with boron compounds between the logs came into existence. We decided that our homes are fully natural and gave up on the artificial vapour barrier, which is the enemy of the most important advantages of wood. We solved this by combining high-quality wood with the best possible for wooden house ecological insulation. More information about this topic below.



advantage of facilities built by the Mazurskie Domy is their "BREATHING". 


Thanks to the using only natural materials in the double wall system, that is making the exterior wall of spruce and pine logs with a thickness of 70, 90 mm and putting cellulose insulation with a thickness of 150 mm between the walls, and again, building the internal wall of the 70, 90 mm logs, our log homes are able to regulate the humidity of the air, releasing it depending on the conditions in the home (hygroscopicity) and act as a filter controlling the air exchange.

Optimum air humidity in rooms where people are constantly present should be in the range from 40% to 60%. Humidity below 40% causes in humans an uncomfortable feeling of dryness in the nose and _ mouth, because of drying of the mucous membranes. This feeling is particularly troublesome for small children and animals. However humidity above 60% is commonly seen as "shortness of breath" or "dampness" and causes discomfort home dwellers. In our technology of building log houses no FOIL between the walls that is the biggest enemy of wooden structures can be found.


Cellulose insulation is breathable as a filter and as the wood can quickly absorb and expel moisture. Our company has completely abandoned the use of vapour barrier between the walls. This was due to the risk that the internal moisture produced by our breathing, plants, cooking, etc. could not get out because the foil would not allow to filter the air completely, thereby putting the raw material such as wood at risk. As a result of excessive moisture the biggest threat to wood is mould. 

To ensure that our customers are able to enjoy a durable and healthy wooden house we decided to use ecological insulation i.e. cellulose fibbers impregnated with boron salts, which, thanks to its structure and properties completely exclude the artificial vapour barrier. Cellulose insulation that is a derivative of wood completely fits and complements the advantages of our basic raw material, which are wooden logs. Thus, we guarantee you warm, durable and safe house for the whole family!






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