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building systems




Mazurskie Domy are known for constructing wooden double wall houses with insulation between the walls made of cellulose, where all logs are equipped with double tongue and groove joint with additional holes drilled for wooden dowels. Our log homes are built without nails according to the good carpentry tradition Thanks to the technology used you can enjoy the effect of the full log not only outside, but you can also admire massive trunks inside your home. Our facilities are not an imitation of wooden houses made of wood panels inside. They are fully natural full log houses. However, double wall technology is not the only system in which we work.



Wooden homes building systems:


- Double, profiled spruce/pine log 2x70mm or 2x90mm thick with 150mm thick insulation between the logs;


- Single, profiled, spruce/ pine log 45mm, 70mm, 150mm or 220mm thick connected with double tongue and groove joint.


- Round log 180mm, 200mm, 220mm thick or on customers demand with a larger in diameter







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