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worth to focus on






 - Window and door joinery. In the standard offer, Mazurskie Domy provide you with high quality wooden window frames, double glazed windows with heat transfer coefficient U = 0,8. You can raise the standard of your windows by ordering triple-glazed or anti-burglary carpentry. The offer also includes wooden exterior and interior doors , which are delivered to our customers "ready to be installed", i.e. coated / painted, along with handles and fittings, ready for assembly!


- Window Frames. When talking about window woodwork the topic of window frames , which belong to the most critical elements of wooden houses cannot be overlooked. Because wooden homes are built of logs, grooves through which water flows form in the facade of the house. Without adequate protection it can get into the object in large amounts. Due to its more than twenty years of practice, Mazurskie Domy developed a professional protection of window openings, so that the interior of your home is fully protected against blasts and water ingress. In addition, the frameworks provide us with a total adjustability of the windows, and after years of use, the exchange of woodwork or  rebuilding without incurring losses in it is possible.


- The final roof covering. The roof structure is calculated and constructed in such a way that it any art of covering material can be used (ceramic tile, bitumen tiles, thatched roof, shingle, aspen shavings, etc.). For aesthetic reasons, we use larger sections of rafters to highlight the beauty of your home.


- Impregnation. Wood is protected also thanks to appropriate impregnation. For the outer impregnation, we offer our customers Remmers impregnats that were proven on dozens of our houses and protect the facade of the wooden buildings. According to the manufacturer, impregnating should be repeated every 5-6 years. The first painting of a wooden house is done in three steps: the first layer of primer and two coats of selected waterproofing. To refresh your home it's enough to  paint the object once in order it gained a beautiful colour.


We recommend bee wax produced by ApipolWax for outer impregnation. An important advantage of beeswax, in addition to its ionisation which brings numerous benefits to humans, is that natural wax coatings effectively protects painted surfaces against moisture and contamination with moulds and fungi. Additionally colourless beeswax emphasizes and highlights pattern of the wood rings.


These are basic information, which should be known to every future dweller of the wooden home. In order to get additional information, please contact us, and we eagerly answer your questions. (Redirecting the bottom of the contact form).






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