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cellulose insulation




Thermal insulation made of of cellulose fibbers is produced from recycled paper shredded into large pieces and mixed with mineral salts, and then is mixed what results in receiving loose insulating material. That insulation has a very low heat conduction coefficient, and thanks to its consistency and system of application (blowing between the walls) even the smallest cracks and scratches are filled which allows getting a tight layer of insulation without creating thermal bridges. Its main advantage is the fact that cellulose insulation is non-toxic, does not contain harmful substances or additives. It does not work aggressively or irritating to the skin and therefore is called the people and environment friendly insulation.




The main advantages of the cellulose insulation are:


- noise protection. The tests show that our insulation  protects against noise up to 7 dB better than traditional insulation.


-humidity level control (cellulose insulation is breathable as a filter and as the wood can quickly absorb and expel moisture).


- closely protects against wind and blasts - especially in wooden construction buildings. Due to the low thermal conductivity  it generates energy savings and allows the use of the most energy-efficient heating systems.


- Being a very good protection against cold, the insulation protects also against heats and significantly delays the transmission of heat caused by solar radiation so that is perfect for a warm climate.


- Cellulose fibbers, thanks to impregnation with boron compounds, protect against the implantation of the insect , refrain biodegradation and prevent the growth of mould and fungi on the surface of the wood


- The main advantage of the cellulose insulation is its high fire protection. Fire safety checks showed that cellulose fibbers provide greater fire protection than conventional methods of insulation. In the inspections of building components from F30 to F60 the cellulose insulation has been rated as one of the best non-flammable insulations obtaining in EN scale flammability class B-s2-d0. This means that the cellulose we use is a no inflammatory and self-extinguishing material (B), and the amount of smoke emitted by the material is limited (s2). In addition, the material is not dripping, creates no burning droplets / particles (d0) and spreads no fire (B-s2, d0).



So the insulation used together with natural material such as wood creates an  excellent duo ​​,  allowing us to provide you with yearly, eco-friendly, energy efficient and healthy wooden house.






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